Yamada Trading 合同会議

Welcome to Yamada Trading 合同会議.

We import all kinds of freshwater fish, halal meat, vegetables, spices ,oils, rice, sweets and various foods from different countries as well as procure from different suppliers and distribute them to the customers in Japan. we are importing fashion wear T-shirt, jeans, jackets, ladies wear etc and introducing them in the Japan market.

We are exporter of Japanese domestic vehicle to Bangladesh and other countries. We are also in transporting business here in Japan. We deliver our products to all over the Japan with our own transporting company.

Besides car and other vehicle rentals are also available. In Yamada It ltd, we provide complete It support like website design and development, Domain and Hosting, face book page design and management. We also provide online marketing for the companies.

Our supplied foods are 100% Halal and Quality Guaranteed. Are you conscious about high quality food? We are with you! We confidently assure you of the high quality of our food and service. Where ever you are in Japan, we will transport your order by home delivery service.